A man was found dead in the parking lot of a Lower Hudson Valley supermarket.

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A man was found dead in Westchester County in the parking lot of the Yonker's Shoprite. The man's body was found Saturday, June 5, in the parking lot of the Shoprite located on Prospect Street in Yonkers, according to the Yonkers Police Department.

Yonkers Police Det. Lt. Dean Politopoulos confirmed to Hudson Valley Post the man's body was found deceased in the Lower Hudson Valley Shoprite's parking lot.

"There are no indications of foul play," Politopoulos told Hudson Valley Post over the phone.

Politopoulos adds the investigation is pending the outcome of the medical examiner's investigation. As of this writing, the man's name, age or hometown have not been released

The investigation is ongoing. This is a breaking story and the Yonkers Police Department says more information may be released after the medical examiner concluded the investigation.

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