According to Complex, A Brooklyn man who claimed to be infected with coronavirus was arrested this week after he coughed on an FBI agent.

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This is all overpriced medical supplies, including surgical masks, disinfectants, and medical gowns. The FBI pointed to an alleged transaction when the Brooklyn man sold a New Jersey doctor 1,000 masks for $12,000 — a reported 700 percent mark from the average price According to Complex. The man's side hustle was a little extreme but he is smart. I will give him that.

After a quick steak out of noticing multiple individuals go into the mans house and walk away with boxes and/or bags of what appeared to be medical supplies.

the U.S. Attorney's Office reported The man coughed in the agent's directions as they were maintaining their distance, At that point, The Man told the FBI agents that he had the coronavirus."

He his now charged with assault and making false statements to law enforcement


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