A man was beaten after he was found in the bedroom of two toddlers.

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The incident happened in Virginia. Mark Stanley, of North Carolina, was arrested after being found in the bedroom of two children, according to WIVB. It happened on December 29. Spotsylvania Sheriff’s deputies responded to the home, where they found the man beaten with injuries to his face. The father of the children had a gun in his hand when deputies arrived and was approaching Stanley. He dropped the weapon once instructed to by deputies. Stanley was visiting the family for the holidays.

The father woke up in the early morning to check on his children, ages two and three, when he found Stanley in their room. He was in the toddler's room naked from the waist down. He proceeded to push the father out of the room and locked the door, but the father managed to force his way in. Stanley was charged with two counts of indecent liberties and one count of domestic assault. The father was not charged.

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By Yasmin Young
By Yasmin Young

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