While the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards appears to have gone off without a hitch during the live broadcast tonight, the same can't be said for what apparently happened on the red carpet just before the event aired.

According to TMZ on Sunday night (Sept. 12), and based on video footage that began circulating the internet during the annual awards show, UFC fighter Conor McGregor apparently swung at Machine Gun Kelly right before the show commenced. There's clips and still photos to prove it. However, despite McGregor's swings, it doesn't look like any of the punches actually landed on MGK.

Sources claim that the physical altercation stems from the famed fighter asking MGK for a photo, to which the rapper declined. It's unclear why MGK denied the photo op. Things supposedly went downhill from there with Kelly pushing McGregor, who reportedly stumbled and spilled his own drink.

At one point, the Irish boxer is seen launching a drink on the red carpet. Reports claim he was throwing the beverage at Machine Gun Kelly although it can't be seen in the video footage. Conor appeared to be held back by security throughout the entire ordeal.

Another source told the outlet that Conor McGregor simply wanted to greet MGK, stuck his hand out to do so and began walking towards the rapper. The Ohio-bred artist, who released his rock album, Tickets to My Downfall, last year, made a remark that McGregor could't make out and was then pushed away from MGK by the artist's security. McGregor, on the other hand, appears to be clueless regarding the treatment he received and is unclear why things transpired in the way that they did.

See more video footage of the altercation between Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly below.

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