When you have to pick up your lumber or new lightbulbs, you may also be greeted by a ghost or goblin!

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Lowe's is offering trick or treating this year at various locations around the United States.

There are even a few locations around Western New York that will offer this great family event. Registration opens on October 10th for Hamburg, Springville, West Amherst, East Amherst and Orchard Park.

How does it work? Simply register your family and pick out your best costume to make it a great Halloween experience. Here is what Lowe's is offering FREE “sweet treats” and a kid-sized pumpkin to kids participating in Curbside Trick-or-Treat. Lowe’s is limiting each registered child to 1 pumpkin/candy each.

We are still working on our family's costume choices for this Halloween. October is her and tie it running out but our 4 year old, Hank, is the one who keeps changing his mind. Is it Power Rangers? Will it be Toy Story? Or perhaps a good old fashioned family of ghosts? It remains to be seen. But, we will be prepared for lots of candy.

We have started our Halloween decorating around the house. The kids picked out an excessive amount of very large pumpkins! But I wouldn't want it any other way.

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