If you didn't catch the Love and Hip Hop show on VH1 here is the whole episode below. Its stars C list Hip Hop rappers baby's moms, managers, girlfriends, wanna be rappers and singers. I know women who live by these shows like its a religion. Whether its Real housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives or Love and Hip Hop the ladies love it. Me personally I see the show as more of a comedy, then a reality show. More negative stereotypes of black women being shown every Monday night on VH1. Obviously women like looking stupid on TV, here is my breakdown on the characters on this episode of the show:

Chrissy: She needs to get a day job, the reason why Jim Jones hasn't married her yet is because she brings absolutely nothing to the table. Her job is to defend Jim Jones and give him advice but that is not really worth making a life long commitment. What does Jim Jones have to gain or lose by marrying you ? The risk on that one is not worth the rewards. I would've lost the ring to.

Emily: The only reason she is on the show is because she has a baby by Fabolous who publicly denies her LOL. SHE IS BORING. It was a good look for her to move out and start her own thing but really what has Fabolous lost in the process ? She is still obsessed with him.

Somaya: I don't even know why she is on the show ?

Olivia: She wasn't really to involved with this episode.

Kimbella: During the episode she got dragged around on the floor for mentioning she used to "date" Fabolous the term date should be used very loosely, smashing does not equal dating ladies. This makes her and Juelz Santana look bad, he is in a serious relationship with Fab's jump off from his other jump off.

Ms Jones: She released a diss song to Jim Jone's girlfriend Chrissy. Yes the song sounds just as ridiculous as a 50 year old female rapper should sound. She is the big dummy of the day as well.

Overall the most entertaining thing about this episode was the fight between Kimbella and Chrissy. The fight stemmed from Kimbella admitting to Emily that she used to date Fabolous. Great TV fight but over something stupid why is Chrissy (JIM JONES GIRLFRIEND) mad about someone sleeping with Emily's boyfriend. Makes no sense, reminds me of why I don't really watch TV, but what did you think about last night's episode ?

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