A bar in Lockport has had its liquor license suspended after an altercation took place inside during the NY Pause order.

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Mr. Quiggley’s in Lockport has had its liquor license suspended by the New York State Liquor Authority for violating the NY Pause order that's currently in place, according to WIVB. The bar, located at 635 West Ave., was shut down yesterday (March 12) after the Lockport Building Inspection Department issued a closure for the NY Pause violation. The bar also had a defective fire system.

The fight happened on April 10. Police were called to Mr. Quiggley’s. Inside the bar, they found five patrons, some of them said they were drinking in the bar for hours before the dispute. The bar didn't have its license suspended initially, but police were called back on May 8. Police found the manager and three others inside drinking. Apparently, the manager tried to tell the people to hide their drinks when police entered the establishment, but her barflies told on her!

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