As prices continue to climb astronomically, families are looking for major ways to save money. Groceries can be one of the highest expenses for families, so finding ways to save on purchases is important.

Inflation Sends Grocery Prices Soaring
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Walmart Made A Major Change Customers In New York Hate

Growing up, I remember my mom and my grandma had their coupon boxes in the child seat of the shopping cart EVERY time we stepped foot in the grocery store. Using coupons has always been a great way to save money. Coupons In The News says that Walmart recently changed its coupon policy after leaving it untouched for six years. The retailer says,

To help our customers save money and live better, we gladly accept valid paper manufacturer coupons issued by manufacturers of products that Walmart sells. These paper manufacturer coupons must scan at the register and must not be expired in accordance with the following guidelines.

Shoppers Look For Deals On Black Friday As Supply Crunch Continues
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One of the major changes is that Walmart will not give cash back or allow overages to apply to other items in the transaction if the coupon's discount is greater than the item. Customers are also no longer permitted to use more than four identical coupons per day. Coupons In the News says that one of the most significant changes is that there will be no more overrides. If a checkout scanner does not accept the coupon a manager will not override it.

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The Cheapest Grocery Store In America Has Locations All Over New York

Consumers looking to save money on groceries in New York don't need any coupons to save money at America's cheapest store. And honey, let me tell you, I LOVE shopping at this store. This store not only has lower prices, but it also carries many organic, vegan, and gluten-free options. As someone who frequently eats from those categories, I can tell you, getting them at other stores usually means you're paying a premium.

The Cheapest Grocery Store In America Is....

Photo by Marques Thomas @ on Unsplash
Photo by Marques Thomas @ on Unsplash

World Population Review says there are 125 ALDI stores in New York. According to Reader's Digest,

Aldi isn’t just the leader among cheap grocery stores; it’s also one of the most efficient stores, with customers able to get in and out quickly, thanks to the fast checkout process. With more than 2,400 locations across 38 states and plans to open 120 more by the end of the year, it’s also one of the fastest-growing chains in the United States.

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New York Has 15 of the Most Popular Grocery Stores in America

Out of the top 40 grocery store brands in the United States New York has 15 of the most popular. Here's the list!

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These Are the 12 Biggest Shopping Malls in Upstate New York

The size of the enclosed malls of Upstate New York covers a whole range of numbers. You have several large malls with between 50-100 stores, and then you have several behemoth malls which host much more than that. For example, #12 on this list has 55 stores and has been open for more than 50 years. Sounds like a pretty respectable mall, doesn't it? Compare that to the #2 on this list which is so large it has more than 18,000 parking spaces!

In this gallery, we have also mentioned some of the original anchor stores for these malls dating back to when they opened. It is fun to hear the old names like Sibley's, Filenes, McCurdy's, and G. Fox and Company again. Here are the 12 largest enclosed malls in Upstate New York. (We include all regions of Upstate including the upper and lower Hudson Valley. This list does not reflect the large malls of metropolitan New York City or Long Island).

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