I Swear Buffalo New York is becoming more and more like my favorite show Law and Order. I say this because everyday its something new and crazy in here. One of The popular inner-City middle schools City. Honors received a visit from the FBI today to Arrest the technology teacher for federal charges on child sex charges According to WKBW

The Police say Peter Hingston used a GoPro camera to photograph and record the female students in his classes. Big Big Big Respect to those students who reported the technology teacher's strange actions. Later Examination of this. camera revealed multiple videos and pictures that are just nasty.

Even the US. Attorney James. Kennedy Jr. Commended the students on their actions

I want to commend the students at City Honors who had the courage and maturity to say something when they saw something," said U.S. Attorney James Kennedy, Jr.

If convicted Hingston faces up to 40 years in prison

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