According to WIVB, gun violence has increased 102 percent since last year, which is according to preliminary data from the state department of justice. Incidents, where people were killed, has increased as well, over 30 percent from last year.

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Buffalo Police officials believe that the increase is due to the lack of community outreach programs because of the pandemic, among other things as well. Pastor James Giles with Back to Basics Outreach said,

You got more individuals coming out finding themselves in spaces and places with their enemies or people they had beef with, you got individuals coming out starting stuff or continuing stuff. Mad at the person they believe had them locked up . They're on the hunt for them, so, all of that, there is a perfect storm happening.

According to WIVB,  DA Robert Flynn says most of the shootings are happening on the east and west side of Buffalo. In Buffalo, there have been 282 shootings, other cities in our region, Rochester had 246 and Syracuse had 138 Albany with 96.

The Stop The Violence Coalition, has some obituaries on the walls of their facility of victims of murders from years past and this year. Murry Holman said, according to WIVB,

COVID, plays a part, but there is a deeper part in thing, I blame it on social media, Your FaceBook, the technology part is playing a role in where do I find this guy I have beef with and shoot and kill him. That plays a major part in communication and how our crime rate is escalating.

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