Doctors a Buffalo's local Jacobs School of Medicine are urging mask-wearing until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.  That doesn't sound like great news but it's safe news.  The WIVB News report says the Jacobs School of Medicine shared a graph which shows that

if at least half of the people continue to wear masks in public the curve should stay flat until September. 

Last weekend driving around the Inner City of Buffalo, I saw so many people gathering outside in close proximity to one another, with no mask on.  In a separate CNN News report,  Steven Taylor, a clinical psychologist and author of "The Psychology of Pandemics said this:

"People naturally rebel when they're told what to do, even if the measures could protect them.

Dr. David Aronoff, director of Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Division of Infectious Diseases and professor of medicine added this, per the CNN report:
"People value their freedoms.  They may become distressed or indignant or morally outraged when people are trying to encroach on their freedoms."
Dr. Aronov, according to CNN, compared the directives to wear a mask just as important as the mandates regarding smoking cigarettes in restaurants or schools.
"There are rules about not smoking in enclosed restaurants and bars because that smoke can be deleterious to someone else's health.  Now we're in a situation where, if I'm infected with the Covid-19 virus, my breath can be lethal to someone else."
Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul added this comment: (WIVB)
“We have one chance to get this right. So far we’ve gotten it right and if we succumb to the tremendous pressure that’s out there from all kinds of sectors who are not up to full speed, they become the loser category."
I wish everyone would wear a mask with others in mind instead of selfishly taking a stand that masks don't work.  The worst thing that can happen, wearing a mask, is that we get back to living as close to the 'normal'  we used to know.  Things will more than likely never be the same, in terms of public interaction, but at least we'll all be alive.

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