The Truth hurts and Lizzo had to learn It the hard way

Sunday Lizzo made headlines after showing up to The Staples Center For a lakers game with an outfit that reveled her 2 cheeks and not the two on her face. check out the video below

After seeing this the world went into a frenzy in a heated debate on weather the outfit was deemed appropriate for a family-friendly event.

While we still don't know the outcome I feel like something should come out of it, one person said on twitter

“Only issue with the Lizzo situation is she was at a lakers game let’s role reverse let me go to a game with my LONG JONH SILVER cut out or even my ass #pause, and I’m getting banned from the stadium and most likely on the pedo list .be proud be happy, but there’s a time and place.”

Time And Place for everything.

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