Kodak Black is once again catching a lot of attention on Twitter, but this time it's not for anything he said.

After unveiling his new yellow hairdo on Instagram on Sunday (April 21), the South Florida rapper's yellow hair is now being compared to Lisa Simpson, the whip-smart daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson of the iconic animated series, The Simpsons. As a result, Lisa Simpson is trending.

“Kodak Black has seriously disrespected Lisa Simpson. He should be charged with emotional assault,” wrote one fan. Another person tweeted, “Bro if i see the words ‘kodak black’ and ‘lisa simpson’ on my timeline one more time i will delete my twitter,” wrote one fan.

Kodak's head-scratching makeover may have happened on Saturday night (April 20) and was done by self-proclaimed "beauty influencer" and hair factory owner Despeignes Cheveux. The stylist shared a video of the before and after process of Kodak's transformation on IG. In the first clip, Kodak is sitting with his eyes closed and grill opened as Cheveux works her magic.

In the second vid, Kodak has bright yellow hair that was shaped to resemble pyramids. "That shit be crazy," Kodak says as he gets a close up of the results. This isn't the first time Kodak has dyed his hair. In 2017, the 21-year-old rapper dyed his hair blond.

Check out fans' reactions to Kodak Black's new yellow hairdo below.

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