We're ready to light up our streets and neighborhoods brighter than ever this holiday season, and we need YOUR help.

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Between now and Dec. 13, we want to see photos of your holiday light displays.

Got lines and lines of lights lining the roof of your home? Towering trees with strands of lights and ornaments in the front window of your business? Those hard plastic candles and light-up Santa everyone's parents had in the '80s?

We want to see ALL of it.

And since it is the season of giving, we'll hand over a neatly wrapped gift of $1,000 to one residential display and $1,000 to one business display, brought to you by T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile.

Ready to light up WNY and send 2020 out with the brightest celebration ever? Submit your photo in the form below. Keep checking back here as we highlight the best displays.

The brightest lights bring the brightest smiles. Let's work together to spread some holiday cheer this year.

Gielowski Family

Photo Submitted by Jesse Gielowski

Gorynski Family

Photo Submitted by Anthony Gorynski

Miller Family

Photo Submitted by Tina Miller

Overton  Family

Photo Submitted by Mary Overton

Pratt Family

Photo Submitted by Amie Pratt

Walker Family

Photo Submitted by Raymond & Tami Walker

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