This whole "LeSean McCoy Had A Fight in Phillly" thing is getting out of my opinion!  As you'll see in the video below, there are reports now stating that LeSean McCoy could face up to 20 Years in Prison because he assaulted a Public Official in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania apparently escalates any assault offense  against a Public Official to the degree of Aggravated Assault in the First Degree which is punishable with up to 20 Years in Prison!!!

There's a strange disparity here whereas there have been Police Officers who have actually killed unarmed people...not to mention a Self-Appointed Neighborhood Watchman (George Zimmerman) killing Trayvon Martin who was simply walking to his Dad's home from the store ... and NOW you're telling me LeSean McCoy may be facing up to 20 YEARS FOR FIGHTING?  Oh, but it's a "Public Official"!

Maybe that's why Officers feel as though they're "Above The Law" ... there are different laws that apply to them .. even while OFF DUTY? (as the two Officers involved in the LeSean McCoy incident were ... OFF DUTY)!

Watch the NEWS STORY and then TAKE THE POLL:


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