The other day I was having a conversation with a young dude who was interested in DJing. When I said to him the thing that makes a great DJ is knowing as much information about DJing as possible before you start. You should know about the history from the beginning with Kool Herc and Grand Wizard Theodore.... That's when he gave me a confused look like who the hell is Grand Wizard Theodore.

Instead of scrutinizing him for not knowing and wanting to be a DJ, I thought I would give him a history lesson on a seldom recognized legend in Hip Hop. Grand Wizard Theodore born Theodore Livingston, from the Bronx, NY is often credited with being the creator of the Scratch. He got a lot of fame in the early 80's for his mastery of the needle drop. Both techniques used in DJing to this day. Every DJ should know who and what Grand Wizard Theodore contributed to Hip Hop.

That is the sad thing about Hip Hop many of the creatures of Hip Hop are still living and nobody cares. So today I want to take time to salute Grand Wizard Theodore for contributing to the Art Of DJing.