Just a few months ago, many people in New York State thought that we would never have to deal with Daylight Saving Time ever again. Both the New York State Legislature and Congress had pending bills in committee that would have ended this bi-annual tradition of messing up our clocks and confusing everyone about whether we're springing ahead or leaning back falling back.

Both of those efforts stalled and did not advance, and now we're getting ready to change our clocks again this weekend.

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Daylight Saving Time takes effect on Sunday, March 12, 2023, at 2:00 AM. At 2:00 AM on Sunday, the clocks will advance forward by one hour bringing us into the spring time change.

Daylight Saving Time is observed by most of the states and territories in the USA, but there are a few exceptions like Arizona, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico which do not participate.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has reintroduced his bill in Congress to finally get rid of DST. The bill, called the Sunshine Protection Act has wide-ranging support all over the US Senate and House of Representatives.

If the bill is passed as is, then our clocks would stay in spring mode and would never change back in the fall.

There are bills currently pending in the New York State Assembly Bill A6443 and New York State Senate Bill S3813 that would do the same thing, but it's stuck in committee and does not look it's going to advance.

The seasonal switch back and forth from daylight saving time causes productivity losses and leads to an increased risk of car accidents, health complications, and other damaging consequences. - James Skoufis, New York State Senator for the 39th District

Hopefully, Congress and the New York State Legislature acts quickly so we don't need to lean back fall back again because we're getting sick of it.

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