It's the final day of the third week in October and luckily for us, the weather will be much better over the next five or six days than it was this week. It was cold, rainy and in some locations, even snowy in New York State.

November is 11 days away and that means that daylight saving time will end on Sunday, November 6th.

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New York

We will all turn our clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 6th at 2 a.m. That's for appliance and manual clocks; our smartphones will turn back themselves, as will personal computers.

Daylight saving time has been polarizing in recent years.

Many people don't like the fact that we lose an hour of daylight in the fall and leave work in the dark. The upside is that on that weekend, we gain an hour of sleep, which is always nice but it doesn't make up for the fact we gain darkness earlier for November and December.

You may not know that 2022 may be the last time we turn the clocks back.

Back in March, the United States Senate approved the Sunshine Protection Act, which would end daylight saving time for good, starting in 2023.

There is some confusion within the country (outside of Arizona and Hawaii, who don't follow daylight saving), because they assume we are done with daylight saving time with this act being passed by the Senate.

It still needs to be voted upon with the House of Representatives, and it's uncertain when that will be. If it passes the House of Representatives, then after we turn clocks forward in March of 2023, they would stay that way and not fall back in November of 2023.

If you like falling back with the clocks, then this November might be the last time you get to enjoy that...

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