It's time to change our clocks, again...

The Clocks Go Forward As Europe Changes To Summer Time
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Our bi-annual tradition of changing the time on our clocks comes again in just a few hours when Daylight Saving Time ends all around the world.

Daylight saving time (DST) is the practice of advancing clocks during warmer months so that darkness falls later each day according to the clock. The typical implementation of DST is to set clocks forward by one hour in the spring ("spring forward") and set clocks back by one hour in autumn ("fall back") to return to standard time.

In the United States this year, Daylight Saving Time started at 2 AM on March 8th and ends at 2 AM tonight (Sunday, November 1st).

I remember a time in life when I used to love when Daylight Saving Time ended, with Buffalo having a 4 a.m. last call time, it gives you a whole extra hour to party. However, I don't feel that way anymore, I am happy that we are returning to Standard Time. The time change has always messed up me up: from feeling like I didn't get enough sleep to thinking I overslept - DST has not been my friend in my later years.

A number of States in the US have passed laws that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent, but those measures need congressional approval before they could take effect. I wonder if this is something that the government can take up after the next election.

So when 2 a.m. comes and goes, go ahead and change those clocks back an hour. While you're up changing the time on your microwave, you might as well change the batter in that smoke detector that has been beeping for the last month.

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