You read it right The Langfield Homes, a public housing complex that flunked its 2018 federal inspection with the lowest score given to any Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority development in the past five years.

Out of 100 points they received a 46...Wow

The Langfield was the only Buffalo property to score in the 40s. Langfields also ranked last in Erie County, in the bottom 3 percent of 374 inspections conducted statewide, and the bottom 6 percent of 6,924 inspections conducted nationally, according to the Buffalo News analysis.

You ask why they got such a bad grade well here is a few reasons why:
Missing or nonworking smoke detectors. Cracked walls. Rotted sub floors. Peeling paint. Leaky and inoperable plumbing. Overgrown greenery. Gutted pavement.

Some fun facts for you, The Langfield complex was built in 1941 and the Kenfield adjacent to the Langfiled was built in 1937.

2004 was definitely a good year for the langfields when they  installed roofs and soffits, but its 2018

They are saying for repairs, renovation, and modernization, and estimated $300 million is needed.

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