Looking for a sweet treat for your family this Halloween? How about some popsicles and specialty ice cream flavors from Lake Effect Ice Cream?

One of the biggest treats in our house is ice cream. It's kind of a staple here. When we go to the store, we always have to check for milk, bread, and ice cream. So to hear that Lake Effect Ice Cream was coming out with a specialty box that is Halloween themed, we jumped right on it!

(Photo by Brett Alan)
(Photo by Brett Alan)
Lake Effect Ice Cream (Goodies Displayed Outside The Box)

The box comes complete with everything from specialty ice cream flavors to popsicles and a handful of trick or treat candies.

The entire box contains:

- 1 pint of their candy-packed Trick or Treat ice cream
- 1 pint of Pumpkin Gingersnap ice cream
- 1 Salty Caramel mummy ice cream bar
- 1 Silver Cloud Vanilla and blue raspberry dip monster ice cream bar
- 1 Tater Cakes chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwich
- 1 Kith and Kin Gluten-free chocolate cookie with marshmallow ice cream rolled in Halloween sprinkles
- 1 Tater Cakes cornflake cookie and salty caramel ice cream sandwich
- 1 Case Nic oatmeal cookie with Harvest Apple Cinnamon ice cream
- 1 Mayer Brothers apple cider popsicle
- 1 REDRUM strawberry and rum-spiked popsicle
- 1 pack of custom mixed Halloween sprinkles
- 2 packs of hot fudge
- A handful of trick or treat candy
… and a cool New Lake Effect fridge magnet!

It's really loaded with stuff. My favorite was the salty caramel mummy ice cream bar.  But I have to admit, the Pumpkin Gingersnap ice cream was the most unique thing I've tasted in a long time. If you like pumpkin pie, this is as close as you're going to get in ice cream form. It was crazy.

The entire box is only $40 and they're going to sell out quick. Make sure to order yours now. You can pick up at either the Lockport or Hertel Ave location.

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