According to ABC 15 In Phoenix, a woman high on mushrooms got stuck in a tree. After two hours, the unnamed woman was brought back down to earth and taken to a local hospital. She was not arrested.
Why was this BIG DUMMY not arrested ? Drugs make you do stupid things, here are a couple of excerpts that she was yelling at the news people from the tree:

"You guys I'm fine. I'm not... I just wanted to climb a tree," the woman said. And climb the tree she did.

She went about 40 feet high before things got really interesting.

"Hey, who is that news guy on Channel 15? The cute one?" she yelled from the tree.

Could it be Steve Irvin, Craig Fouhy, maybe Rich Dahlquist?

Then she gave another clue.

"What is the cute Channel 15 news guy that freaking goes around everywhere?"

Again why was this woman not arrested ? Welcome her and the police who didn't arrest her into the BIG DUMMY FILES.