Sheila Bailey Eubank is the BIG DUMMY of the night. The 48-year-old San Antonio woman is facing perjury charges after police say she faked her own kidnapping to get a day off from work. This story is too funny but it's too bad it's a true story.

Eubank told police a man jumped into her car around 6:15 a.m. while she was at a Security Service Federal Credit Union ATM near Loop 1604 and Bandera Road. Eubank said the man held her an knife point and forced her to drive him to various locations for what she believed were drug deals. She told officers he then assaulted her, tried to choke her with a rope, and then tied her up and left her in her car. However, officers discovered a lottery ticket in Eubank's purse that was purchased that day during the hours she claimed she was being held.

The video showed withdrawing money from the motor ATM, but there were no signs that anyone else was with her. Police say when Eubank was confronted by investigators, she eventually admitted her story was false and that she simply wanted a day off from work and wanted attention.

Well I sure hope the criminal charges and her induction into the BIG DUMMY FILES have given this woman all the attention she craved. What an idiot.

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