Paulding County woman is currently facing 14 counts of first-degree arson and three counts of aggravated animal cruelty after burning down her home, which she lost in her divorce.

Now this is a rare occasion, In all the divorces i've seen the woman never loses the house, they always get the house now I can see her anger. but to burn the house down though. lol

According to WSB-TV, Adrienne Satterly, who is 41, lost her home to her ex during their divorce and before leaving, she decided to light the place up in flames before making her grand exit. Kinda like Dropping the mic on stage and walking out or Lisa Left Eye and Atlanta Falcons football star Andre Rison when they were beefing and forgot the house was on fire, But this wasn't an accident

Deputy Fire Commissioner Jay Florence said : "She stacked a pile of mattresses in the kitchen area of her home on Rosemont Court. We believe she lit them on fire. She put not only herself but her neighbors and first responders in jeopardy.”

In The act of burning her house down she destroyed four homes and 16 others suffered from varying degrees of heat and smoke damage.

She s now in Paulding County jail without bond, and also faces one count of public drunkenness.


Check the actually video here:



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