Is the problem with low productivity in the Buffalo Public School System the Teachers?  Is it the Students?  OR is it THE PARENTS?

Well based on my writing "THE PARENTS", using all Upper-Case Lettering may clue in as to what my opinion is. How did I formulate such an opinion?  I read the Buffalo News this morning and came across this VERY DISAPPOINTING article, which exposes the FACT that only about 60 people showed up to the Buffalo City School's District-Wide Parent Orientation Meeting, according to the Buffalo News.

About half of the attendees were apparently presenters.  That means about 30 actual Parents showed up!  We expect the kids to be interested in School when seemingly Parents could care less?

Many parents will more than likely use the excuse, "I had no idea," or, "The City School District didn't do a good job informing parents of the meeting," which is an apathetic excuse when you take into account that Parents should be pro-active and should be aggressively seeking out information about their Child's schooling rather than take a passive role and expecting someone to knock at the door with a Personal Announcement.

Here's the News Story regarding the disappointing Buffalo City School's District-Wide Parent Orientation Meeting turn-out yesterday:



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