If you get upset over seemingly non-racist events taking place and African - Americans  "seemingly always" putting a twist on things and "making it racist" then you might want to spare yourself an angry moment....Possibly...or maybe you'll read this and understand.

A 6 year-old boy points his finger (Cowboy and Indian, Gun Style) at another student at an Elementary School and says he going to shoot the other student.  The school "over-reacts" (?) by suspending the boy for a day...or did the school do the right thing?

The parents' response, and several other responses to the school's actions, are such that they are... appalled!!   A 6 YEAR-OLD SUSPENDED FOR POINTING HIS FINGER LIKE A GUN AND SAYING HE'S GONNA SHOOT ANOTHER 6 YEAR-OLD!!!!!!  C'MON WILL YA!!!!!  Many people believe the school did overact because this type of behavior has been going on since Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and The Lone Ranger..oh can't forget Tonto..although I believe he wasn't "privileged" enough to have a GUN.. Anyway, the boy did get suspended and it's caused an uproar of different emotions concerning the outcome.

So what do think?  I'll tell you what I think and then you give your opinion below.  I say KUDOS TO ROSCOE NIX ELEMENTARY SCHOOL...which, according to new reports, is where the incident, described above, actually happened (see video below)! I think the school did the right thing because no longer are the days where guns are imaginary instruments that the movie stars use or that only Mafia Gangsters possess...guns are as commonplace now as a television in homes across the entire U.S. Threats from even a 6 year-old are probably idle in nature...but in this day and age...can anyone afford to just brush it aside and be sorry later?... I think not.

The interviews I've seen on television from small town, naive relatives and community members sparked a thought that changes the focus of this entire incident and moves it in another direction.  I contemplated...and please go with me for a moment... Had the victim been pointing his finger @ the offender in this situation, would the family members and residents be of the opinion such that they think...it's just innocent fun?  I think so....YES!  I think they would have the same opinion regarding the situation being switched around.  BUT, what if the boy pointing the gun were African-American...would the reaction be the same such that ...it's just innocent fun?..... I think NOT!!!

Someone is reading this thinking....here we go...why do we always have to add some Racist twist to EVERYTHING!  Well, because it's reality that's why. ...at least it's mine...and rightfully so.  It's actually an insult to think that a dog who's never been an elephant thinks it's RIDICULOUS to be afraid of a mouse....but you're a DOG...Not and ELEPHANT....how could you get it?  YOU CAN'T!  Please just realize that had this incident involved a Black Child pointing a finger and threatening ANYONE...it would be SERIOUS!!!!  But somehow we attribute innocence to color..to race...even to stature and stardom....the later two being moreso Prejudices rather than racism.

The bottom line here is that the school did exactly the CORRECT thing...in my opinion.  Without the gun...had the student just come up to the other and said...I'm going to shoot you"...would that be taken more seriously?  YESSSS!!!  Probably so.... which makes ZERO sense.

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