How Do We Break The Invisible Chains Of Mental Slavery??


We are just days away from the 36th Consecutive Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo this weekend in Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

This year the theme for Juneteenth of Buffalo is, “Breaking the Invisible Chains”. In order to survive we must break the invisible chains formed from the residue of being terrorized in this country as well as globally, through the Maafa (which is the Great Tragedy or African Holocaust) created by chattel slavery.

Although it is historically clear that we played an active role in freeing ourselves from chattel enslavement, we still suffer from the effects or the residue of chattel enslavement in the form of post traumatic slave syndrome. That residue is evident today in the form of self hatred, self doubt, and a lack of esteem within our community as a whole, just to name a few.

In order to break the invisible chains, we must enter into a process of self reparation through Sankofa or remembering. It is not taboo to go back and utilize what we have learned, experienced, and accomplished in the past in order to build a viable future.

Once we can recognize the beauty within ourselves as well as the world, those invisible chains will crumble. In order for this to happen for our community as a whole as well as on a global scale, the change must first come from you the individual.

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