A lot of Tyler Perry fans are upset over his casting of Kim Kardashian in his upcoming movie “The Marriage Counselor.”  It’s a film about faith, forgiveness and healing power of God.  I get it. My beef is calling her a role model for the younger generation.  They say people look up to her.

Why? Is she really a role model? I have always had a problem with making entertainers role models. We set them up for a big fall and we are surprised when they do.  We are eager to give up our power and give a total stranger their power over us. It makes the Know Thyself Campaign so important.

We should consider who we make role models.  We should think about who we give our power too.  We should be responsible ourselves and seek out the knowledge to make our world a better place. It starts with us.  The challenge is each one, teach one and don’t look back.

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