Kid Cudi explains his collaboration with Michael Bolton and how Bolton smells like "a dozen babies in a cotton field somewhere."

Every once in a while in music there are the most random duets that make you scratch your head. Whether it’s Elton John and Eminem, Psy and MC Hammer or Paula Abdul and Skat Kat, to name a few, certain collaborations can be perplexing and Kid Cudi and Michael Bolton are no different.

On the rapper’s current album, ‘Indicud,’ the adult contemporary singer drops his vocals on ‘Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends).’ Kid Cudi tells MTV News how the two linked up and how Michael became the uncle Cudder never had.

“My mom is a huge fan so I grew up hearing him in the household and he did the song with the Lonely Island that I thought was genius,” Cudi explained “I was like man, I wanna utilize him in a way where I’m not tryna make a joke or anything. I just wanna use the mightiness of his voice in a way that’s never been done before.”

The self-proclaimed "Mr. Rager" reached out to the ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ singer and the two spent some quality time in the studio. “It was really cool to have his energy and just to be around him because he’s such a legend, so down to earth and cool. He was like the uncle I never had,” Cudi shared. And in case you were wondering what Bolton’s swagger is like, Cudder described Bolton as “swagged out with the diamond earrings, wearing ill blue sweaters,” and smells like, “extravagant cologne that smells like a dozen babies in a cotton field somewhere.”

Good to know!

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