I know tonight's BIG DUMMY will probably have a lot of Keyshia Cole fans mad at me but hey what is new ? Keyshia Cole is tonight's BIG DUMMY because she is a hater. Last night Keyshia Cole took her hate to twitter and picked the most unlikely victim to hate on. She picked the weakest link of Destiny's Child to critique during the super bowl performance, Michelle Williams. Here is what Keyshia Cole tweeted to her 200k followers.

This is pure HATE and many people picked up on this hate and started tweeting messages to Keyshia Cole and she responded by posting this follow up:

This is why I think these tweets were based off of HATE. Keyshia Cole was probably at home watching the super bowl with ten bad kids running around, Frankie (her Mom), in the back acting crazy as usual. Keyshia probably thought to her self why am I sitting at home and Beyonce is doing big things at the superbowl and I'm not.

Keyshia knew she couldn't say anything bad about Beyonce because everyone would pick that up as obvious hate, so she picked the weakest link Michelle Williams. Her rant had nothing to do with Michelle, we all know she is wack, her rant was about her not being happy with Keyshia Cole. Keyshia Cole will never be invited to perform at the super bowl and she knows it. Instead of just enjoying the show and accepting the fact she will never perform at the super bowl she had to ad some negativity to Beyonce's show. Keyshia Cole knew the only reason Michelle was out there was because of Beyonce'. I'm sure Keyshia Cole was the last thing on Michelle Williams mind. Maybe one day Keyshia Cole can be Beyonce's back up singer, since she chose to hate on her current back up singer Michelle Williams. Welcome Keyshia Cole the HATER to the BIG DUMMY FILES.

If your going to be a hater just accept what you are. It appears Keyshia Cole isn't new to this hating thing, here is a throwback clip of her hating on other R&B singers.

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