Wow it is not looking to good for the talented Kevin Hart. On top of trying to make a full recovery from the terrible car accident involving his classic car 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with his trainer Jared Black, and the trainers wife rolling down an embankment. He is now being sued by the women he cheated on his now pregnant wife with for 60 MILLION!!

Montia Sabbag is suing Kevin Hart for $60 million and stating that Kevin knew all about the video and was in on it. She is saying Kevin and his partner secretly recorded all of their encounters for clout (Publicity).

Montia Sabbag’s lawsuit claims he and JT (his friend who later was arrested for extortion) planned the whole thing out. Sheeesssshhhh

What do y'all think about this? Perfect. timing seeing how the man is trying to recover from nearly being paralyzed from the waist down.


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