Karaoke is fun for everyone -- it doesn't matter if you are a talented singer or if you can hit that high note (though that's always impressive).

Last week, I stopped by the Ice House Pub for a little mid-week karaoke, and trust me, people will still cheer for you even if you lack a super star voice. (If you don't believe me, please enjoy this embarrassing video below -- lol.)

See? Anyone can do karaoke!

It's all about the performance and how you play to the audience, and it has nothing to do with vocal ability -- at least if you ask me.

Every night this week, there is at least one bar or restaurant offering a karaoke night in Western New York, and you can see the 9 best karaoke spots below.

Top Places To Karaoke This Week 03/07-03/12

If you are looking to karaoke, here are 8 places that are holding a karaoke night this week in Western New York.

See all the karaoke hotspots in Western New York by clicking here

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