Rapper Juelz Santana belatedly realized he can run but he can't hide, because he surrendered to cops earlier today.

A couple days ago Rapper Juelz Santana decided to carry a loaded 38 in his bag as the bag was going through the x-ray machine at Newark International Airport TSA notice the handgun and Juelz needless to say "Dip Set"

Bringing a weapon to an airport security checkpoint is an arrestable offense and if the gun is loaded the fine approaches $10k.

According to TMZ Santana was arrested at 1 AM Monday by Port Authority Newark Airport police and booked for unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He was also booked on an unspecified federal warrant.

This is not too good for Santana as a convicted felon in 2011, a raid on the rapper's New Jersey studio yielded two loaded handguns and 17 bags of marijuana – the "possession of a firearm by a convicted felon" charge alone carries a possible 10-year sentence.

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