Hmm. Well, I guess you can't disagree after that brutal game yesterday. Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills looked anything but 'Super Bowl contenders' in the second half of yesterday's Bills-Jets game.

The Buffalo Bills lost the game 20-17 in New York...I mean...New Jersey.

It was probably the worst performance for the Buffalo Bills of the year and Bills Mafia was quick to point out the reason that we lost the game. It wasn't the interceptions. It wasn't the defense. They didn't say anything about the missed field goal.


People on social media were saying Josh Allen's girlfriend needs to tell him to shave it when he gets home.

Did you catch the mustache that Josh Allen has been rocking for the past week or so? It took no time for fans no notice and now they think that is the bad luck charm for the Buffalo Bills. People on social were demanding that he go home and shave it off immediately.

Do you think the Bills are going to show up next Sunday in Minnesota? The game time is 1 PM against the Vikings at Highmark Stadium.

Josh Allen was taking all of the blame (like he usually does) as the Buffalo Bills took their second loss of the season. Unfortunately, for the Buffalo Bills and Bills fans--it puts us in a very vulnerable position. The Miami Dolphins and New York jets are now just one game back from the Buffalo Bills and both still have their bye weeks to look forward to. Right now, both the Dolphins and the Jets have the advantage over the Buffalo Bills if the standings ended in a tie. Of course, both of those teams still have to come to Orchard Park to take on the Buffalo Bills later on in December. Take a look at what Josh Allen had to say below after the game in New mean...New Jersey.

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