Music manager and friend of the late Eazy-E, Jerry Heller, warns that Suge Knight's current legal troubles are a part of his well deserved karma.  

Suge Knight has been dealing with his share of legal battles after his fatal hit and run incident earlier this year. Currently held under $10 Million bail, Knight is no stranger to legal troubles.

One of his industry "enemies", Jerry Heller, has spoken out claiming that his current legal issues are bits of 'karma' for how he treated Heller's clients, Eazy-E. Knight allegedly "shook down" Eazy E for Dr.Dre's release from a record company.

"Instant karma," Heller said to TMZ. "This is like O.J. It's payback time."

Heller also discusses the well anticipated "N.W.A: Straight Outta Compton" film and the lack of his involvement. He talks about the possibility of legal action:

"No he's a very good actor," Heller said of Paul Giamatti who will play him [Eazy E] in the movie. "But as I told you before, until I see the movie, since they didn't ask me to be involved, I'm gonna reserve judgement until my lawyers and I see the movie."


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