Jeremih had a stressful travel day. The R&B singer was reportedly arrested at Newark airport while trying to catch a flight on Friday (Dec. 12).

According to NBC New York, the 'Don't Tell 'Em' singer was trying to board a U.S. Airways flight to Phoenix, Ariz., after the jet's doors were already closed and locked. A member of Jeremih's entourage then proceeded to pry the closed jetway door open to let the singer and another man in, which is against the airport's boarding rules.

The crooner, and his associate, were then arrested and charged for disorderly conduct and obstruction, said Port Authority police. Dontate Cunningham, the man who allegedly opened the door for Jeremih, was also arrested and charged with defiant trespass.

NBC New York reports that the trio are expected to be release barring any outstanding warrants.

If this is true, Jeremih might get detained a little longer because a warrant reportedly was issued for the singer in Billings, Mont., over the $700 in damage he allegedly caused at a Fuddruckers restaurant back in November.

So yeah, Jeremih is really having a bad day.

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