Ever wondered what Jazzy T in the Afternoon listens to when she's not on the radio? Every Monday we post Jazzy's Top 5 Jamz of the week. As a person whose life literally depends on music, you'll get a deeper connection with ya girl while getting put up on some new music! #JazzyJamz

5. YG - "Bicken Back Being Bool"

I don't know what exactly that means, but I sho nuff be Bicken Back Being Bool when I'm listening to this new YG joint of his "My Krazy Life" album.

4. Future f/ Andre 3000 “Benz Friendz”

Although we are still waiting for the new Outkast music, Andre 3 Stacks gave us something to satisfy that appetite as he takes over Future's song "Benz Friendz". He goes in on his love for Toyota's and makes it clear he could care less about a Mercedes Benz and the so-called "Friends" it attracts!

3. Schoolboy Q - Studio

As you can tell, I'm on this smooth groove this week. This beat is hypnotizing and it's perfect for daydreaming!

2. Nicki Minaj f/ Lil Herb- Chi-Raq

Nicki pays homage Chicago in this hard-hitting track Chi-Raq! Once again, the beat is bananas! I played it back to back 10 times today! #JazzyJam certified

1. Rihanna - Love Without Tragedy

Listen and you'll understand why I love this song so much! My fav line:
"Never thought this many people would even know my name"

And there you have it! My top 5 Jamz of the week. Got a song you think I'd love? Mention me on twitter @JazzyTOnAir #JazzyJamz and tune in next week to see if YOUR song made the list.

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