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Christina from the shade room caught up with the lead singer Jase, who goes by Jase4Real now, to see where the fellas are at now and they’ve been putting in that work in the studio! Not only do the guys make appearances on Jase’s new solo project, “If You Feel Like Me: The Mixtape,” but Jase also included a remake of Soul For Real’s classic hit “Every Little Thing I Do” on the album

TSR: You told me about what you’ve been up to since the initial album but what about the rest of the guys? Are you all on good terms?

Jase: Since the initial project, my brothers and I never stopped working or creating music. In fact, we had 2 more albums released in the 90s, but with little fanfare and promotion. Nowadays, we reside in Atlanta, we still tour and make music together. Each of us also have our own individual projects that we’ve been working on. Currently, I’ve been pushing my solo album, If You Feel Like Me: The Mixtape by Jase4Real, which my brothers KD (Dre) & Choc make appearances on. My other brother Brian (Bri), is now proud owner of Naomi’s Caribbean Cuisine in Atlanta.

TSR: Given all the nostalgic tours that have taken place the last couple of years, is there any chance at a reunion for you guys?

Jase: Yes, actually, we are currently embarking on The Love Again Tour featuring Hi-Five & Intro starting January 12th in Raleigh, North Carolina. Soul for Real has always been available for appearances & show bookings, as well as myself, individually.

 TSR: What do you think about Jacquees covering your song and the whole king of r&b debate?

Jase: I’ve always been a fan of Jacquees, way before he signed to Cash Money. I take it as an honor that he covered our song “Candy Rain”, clever move, what a way of introducing the old school to the new school! To me, personally, this whole debate about who’s the King of R&B was funny. In order to claim the throne, you would have to fight for it. But in the end, the fans will always have the final answer on who’s the king.

 TSR: What do you think the r&b/soul landscape is lacking now and what sound are you bringing to the table with your new music?

Jase: In my opinion, the R&B/Soul landscape lacks originality, love, heart & soul. To add on to that, now with the over-usage of auto-tune, everybody is suddenly a singer. I love it though, because that’s where I come in and create music for the ones missing the true essence of R&B music, with my solo album, If You Feel Like Me: The Mixtape by Jase4Real. I describe it as a clever, hood-sexy sound that are ultimately about love & life; a true display of mature urban music with crossover appeal. In short, I think of myself as The Gate Keeper, because I am introducing you to The New 90s.

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