We’ve have seen this before so we don’t know why this is still shocking to folks, but Jaden Smith was photographed wearing a dress again. The occasion was for the high school prom he attended with The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg.

On Friday (May 29), the 16-year-old actress shared on Instagram photos of her and The Karate Kid star looking very fashionable in their duds for the prom. Smith wore a black and white dress with a black suit, while Stenberg looked beautiful in her metallic ensemble. We have to say they are a good-looking couple, but there's no official confirmation that they are, in fact, dating.

“Here’s to high school,” read the caption on the photo above. Stenberg also posted a picture of Smith smelling his boutonniere.

Once the photos went viral reactions to Smith wearing a dress was mixed -- some supported his daring fashion choice, while others were on the fence.

"A bit of advice to Jaden Smith. Not that anyone really cares," wrote on fan on Facebook. "You're Will Smith's kid. You shouldn't have to keep turning to eleven on the 'I Don't Believe He Just Did That' meter to get a young lady's attention."

We don't think Smith is starving for attention. However, he is a courageous free spirit.

This isn't the first time he wore something unconventional to the prom. In mid May, the actor attended a dance dressed as batman -- in all white no less!

So yeah, he doesn't give a damn about your fashion standards.

Check out the reactions to Jaden Smith's latest ensemble below.

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