Have you found yourself sitting at a traffic light and you are wondering why there car or vehicle in front of you isn't turning? Come on! You can make a right on red, can't you? Other than school buses who is legally not allowed to make a right on red in the State of New York?

Yes, my vision from the second or third car back might not be the best, since things could look different to the car that is seemingly 'just sitting there.' So who can do it and who can't? Don't worry, the whole left on red thing still bogles my mind.

Who can't make a right on red in New York State?


Who can't make that right on red(ROR)? First, no one in New York City can do it. You will get a ticket quick for the one. Plus, don't forget that there are also red light cameras all over there too. You also can't make a ROR if there is a sign. The sign supersedes anything else. School and most government vehicles are also ones that you can add to the list of "can't do it." I use the term school vehicles, because this "no can do" rule isn't limited to just the school buses.  

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Which vehicles can make a Right-on-Red in New York State?

Turn right signal on country road

For the rest of New York State, you pretty much can make that Right-on-Red in other vehicles as long as there isn't a posted sign restricting it, and as long as you are not in the Boroughs of New York City.

Have you ever gotten a ticket for making a right-on-red? Where was it and how much did you have to pay?

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