Top New York officials have found the "perfect" spot and started a petition to bring another Trader Joe's to the Empire State.

Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drinks from around the globe and around the corner, according to customers.

Over 20 Trader Joe's In New York State

Trader Joe's Opens Its First Store In New York City
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Trader Joe's has over 20 stores in New York State including in:





Garden City





Lake Grove



New York City






Staten Island



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Petition To Bring Trader Joe's To Western New York

Trader Joe's Opens Its First Store In New York City
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Officials from Orchard Park, New York, yes the home of the Buffalo Bills, want residents to join them in a petition they started for a new Trader Joe's.

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"Are you eager to see Trader Joe's in our community? Well, here's our chance to make it happen! Join us in advocating for the opening of Trader Joe's in the Village of Orchard Park! Your support is essential in making this dream a reality," the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce stated on Facebook while sharing the petition.

"Perfect Location" For Trader Joe's In Orchard Park, New York


According to the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce, the nearest Trader Joe's is located on Niagara Falls Boulevard. The Deputy Clerk of Orchard Park believes Trader Joe's should open at the vacant space at 4060 North Buffalo Street, formerly Orchard Fresh.

Officials say this would be "the perfect location" for Trader Joe's.

"Sign their petition and spread the word to your friends and family," the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce added. "Let's show Trader Joe's how much our community wants them here!"

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Change.Org Petition To Bring Trader Joe's Near Where Buffalo Bills Play

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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As of this writing, about 7,500 people have signed the Change.Org petition. CLICK HERE to sign it.

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