Polo G's associate did his absolute best to keep an over-eager photographer at bay so he couldn't snap a picture of the rapper leaving court.

Chaotic Video Shows Polo G Associate Tussling With Photographer

On Thursday (April 11), Polo G was spotted by the New York Post leaving the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City after he was arrested for having a loaded firearm in his hotel room on Wednesday (April 10). The Chicago rapper was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm. As Polo G was making his way to his car, a photographer got a bit too close to Polo for his friend's liking. The associate then began to block the photographer and get in their face as they tried to get a shot of Polo.

"What are you doing, man?" someone says as the associate tries to block the photographer by dancing around him.

Polo G posted $25,000 cash bail after he was arraigned in court. Prosecutors had tried to argue with Judge Kevin McGrath that Polo G was a flight risk, and brought up the rapper's previous legal issues, including a misdemeanor conviction. Polo G's next court date is June 4, where the rapper can appear virtually.

"This man is 100 percent serious in terms of his work, in terms of his professionalism," Polo G's lawyer Stacey Richman said. "He has absolutely no incentive to flee because he has a career he’s built."

XXL has reached out to Polo G's lawyer for further comment.

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Gun Found in Polo G's Hotel Room

Polo G was arrested this week after a cleaning person at The Dominick Hotel in downtown Manhattan discovered a loaded firearm in Polo's room. New details about the gun in question include that it was a black Glock, and was discovered on a loveseat inside Polo G’s room. The gun allegedly had a bullet in the chamber and nine bullets in the magazine.

XXL later confirmed Polo G's arrest with the New York City Police Department.

"On Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at approximately 1209 hours, police responded to a 911 call for found property at 246 Spring Street. Upon arrival it was reported to officers that there is a firearm at the location. An individual was placed into custody at the location without incident," the statement reads.

Polo G's latest legal setback comes after he was arrested in 2023, outside his Los Angeles home following a police raid on the residence. Polo was charged with kidnapping, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

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Watch Polo G's associate get into it with a photographer as the rapper leaves court below.

Watch Polo G 's Associate Try to Block a Photographer

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