The really cool part about Buffalo's food scene is that you can go to a new restaurant or bar every day for the next two years and have amazing food every day. That's how deep the depth is for the food in Western New York.

Whether you are talking about wings, pizza, beef on weck, French onion soup, pizza logs, etc. The foods in Buffalo are great and the local places which serve up great varieties of them are even better.

There is no single food more popular in Buffalo than chicken wings. Outside of the Bills, Sabres and snow, it's the thing most associated with our city.

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Out-of-towners know about Anchor Bar (the originators), Duffs and Bar-Bill (who has become nationwide famous over the last several years).

There are many other great places that are very high on the wing rankings, such as The Nine-Eleven Tavern, Wingnutz, Mammoser's, Gabriel's Gate, Elmos, The Audubon North and La Nova.

However, there's one place I recently had that is absolutely in the top 10 wings in Western New York.

It's a place called Sonny Red's and they're located on Abbott Road in Lackawanna.

It's not a big place, but they do have a few tables for dining in, along with a bar. They are most known for two things and it's a very Buffalo place when you are known for these two things: pizza and wings.

The wings are pretty incredible and are one of the best hidden gems in Buffalo. We had the medium and orange chicken wing sauces.

My dad has been on a wing tour lately and he's been loving the stops, at places that have great and underrated wings, like Doc Sullivan's in South Buffalo.

Which places are the biggest hidden gems for wings in Western New York?

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