Outside of the Bills, Sabres, lake effect snow and underdog mentality, there's nothing more "Buffalo" than wings.

It's the staple food on any bar and restaurant menu in the city and surrounding suburbs. It's literally on a few hundred menus. Even if you go to Texas, barbecue won't be on every menu; same for hot chicken in Nashville, skyline chili in Cincinnati, and so on.

Wings are a way of life in Western New York.

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Some of the most popular picks for the best wings are places like Bar-Bill Tavern, The Nine-Eleven Tavern, Wingnutz, Elmos, Gabriel's Gate and Duffs.

Doc Sullivan's is another popular pick for people's favorite wing place. They have the traditional mild, medium and hot, but like many of the best places, they have unique flavors of their own that are even more popular.

Smitty sauce is the famous wing sauce at Doc Sullivan's, which is a South Buffalo staple. It's got a unique spice flavor to it. However, as good as Smitty sauce is, there's another sauce that is probably the most underrated wing sauce in Buffalo.

Southie Gold sauce at Doc Sullivan's is criminally underrated.

Southie Gold sauce tastes like a cross between BBQ and honey/mustard. It's got a gold tint, hence the name. It reminds me of the uniqueness of honey butter BBQ at Bar-Bill, but this flavor is a little more mustardy. It's phenomenal and should be tried by anyone going to Doc Sullivan's.

What other wing sauces need more attention in Buffalo?

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