New York state has some very strict laws, compared to other states across the country. New York is notorious for high taxes and less than desirable weather in the winter, but it's also a state you should not break the law.

State lawmakers have written some hefty fine penalties for residents who break the law, which most occurs while operating a motor vehicle.

These offenses can include a variety of things, but most often has to do with speed infractions.

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Most people know that speeding is the easiest way to get pulled over. If you're caught speeding, you're given a ticket and can either pay by mail (risk points going on your license) or go to court and hope to get it marked down (but also still paying the fine).

It all depends how far over the speed limit you go, but did you know that littering in New York state could get you an even bigger fine than speeding?

New York state's official website states that a minimum fine for going 10-30 mph over the speed limit is $90. The maximum is $300.

If you litter, that first conviction can be up to $350 and/or community service.

That's right, littering could result in a heftier fine than speeding. It should also be noted that technically, someone can receive jail time for speeding, even only going a few over the limit, but that almost never happens unless a driver is a continuous, repeat offender.

Driving 30 mph over the speed limit has a maximum $600 fine and could result in 8 points being places on your license. If you drive more than 40 mph over the speed limit, that's 11 points, which is an automatic license suspension. 11 points in an 18-month period is the golden rule.

By the way, a second offense for littering has a maximum of $700 in fines.

Basically, don't speed or litter in New York state.

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