The Buffalo Bills are preparing for the final regular season home game of 2023, which very well could be the last time they play at Highmark Stadium until next August.

The Bills host the New England Patriots at 1 pm this Sunday. It's a game the Bills have to have to keep their likely playoff chances. With a loss, they likely no longer control their own destiny, and would need a win in week 18 vs. Miami and some help to assure a spot in the postseason.

The Patriots are one of the worst offenses in the NFL but have been playing well on defense. They did beat the Bills back in week 7, which was when the Bills were in the midst of their injury troubles on defense (no Matt Milano, Tre White, DaQuan Jones or Ed Oliver).

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If the Bills win their final two games, they will be in the AFC playoffs. If they win the next two games and the Miami Dolphins lose to the Baltimore Ravens, they will win the AFC East and be the number two seed in the AFC.

That's the playoff scenario that Bills fans want. It's also very realistic.

Here's the AFC playoff seeding if the favorites win the next two weeks, and the Ravens beat the Dolphins and the Bills beat the Dolphins in week 18.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (bye)
  2. Buffalo Bills
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars
  5. Cleveland Browns
  6. Miami Dolphins
  7. Indianapolis Colts

The 7th seed is fascinating because if the Houston Texans win week 18 over the Colts, they would be the last playoff seed. If the Raiders beat the Colts and the Bengals win out, they would be the 7th seed. Even the Denver Broncos have a shot at being the 7th seed if they win out and get help, along with the Las Vegas Raiders.

This playoff scenario would pit the Dolphins against the Chiefs, which assures one of them will be knocked out before the divisional round. The Bills would get a second home playoff game if they should win their wild card matchup.

It's the dream scenario for Bills Mafia and it's very possible with a Ravens and Bills win this Sunday.

If the Dolphins win the division and the Bills make the playoffs, they likely play at Kansas City for wild card weekend...

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