We're into January and there's only one week left in the 2023 NFL regular season schedule. That means playoff football is about to start and the biggest game of the entire year is just over one month away -- the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Sunday has moved back to the second Sunday in February, after the league recently implemented the 17th game of the season. Still, Super Bowl Sunday is something every sports fan looks forward to.

The most recent Super Bowl averaged 115 million viewers, which is the most-watched telecast in history. The game is not only the biggest sporting event in North America, it's growing in viewership.

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Because the game happens on Sunday night, the Monday after can be rough for those who watched the game with family and friends. There's typically plenty of food and drinks that are had, which can help exacerbate the next morning.

That's why for years, there have been people and multiple petitions to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday.

According to a study done by company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an estimated lost productivity of $6.5 billion has happened on Super Bowl Monday. This comes from distracted workers and those who call in sick or take a personal day.

We all know people who have taken the Monday after the Super Bowl off, including maybe have done it ourselves.

USA Today says that each state gets to regulate which are legal holidays, and at least nine have made Juneteeth an official paid holiday, which celebrates the end of slavery in the United States.

Some Tennessee legislators have tried to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday and there are plenty of fans in states with football teams, who would like the Monday after the big game to be a holiday in some form or fashion.

It would take a lot for government backing here in New York state and nationally, to make that Monday a holiday. What's interesting is President's Day is the following week, which could be perfect for a holiday after the Super Bowl. In order for that to happen, however, the NFL would have to add yet another game to the schedule, which would likely not sit well with the players.

Clearly, however, the NFL is massive and the viewership for the Super Bowl is growing. It's a massive money maker for the league, as well as businesses, who benefit from food and liquor sales before and during the game.

New York has the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and New York Giants -- it's one of the biggest pro football states in the country. Could lawmakers in New York give residents a breather for the Monday after the Super Bowl?

There's at least some backing for it and hey, if the Bills or Jets/Giants make it to the big game, perhaps school districts can or will give students that Monday off.

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