The spring may be here but in New York State, you truly never know what weather to expect. Recently, there was a large snowstorm that blew through the region and dropped a few inches of springtime snow.

As most people were making travel plans for spring break fun or for the recent solar eclipse, Mother Nature was deciding whether or not to allow March to go out like a lamb or cold and blustery lion. Looks like the later was the case.

As we got ready to fly out of Buffalo-Niagara Airport, the snow was still flying and we were delayed for at least a half and hour for takeoff as crews used the de-icer to clean the plane off and make is safe.

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Hopefully, this was the last blast of winter we will see in the area until next fall? While we waited for the crews to finish, I was able to snap a few photos. It is neat to see the way it is done from the perspective of a passenger.

De-Icing Planes In A Buffalo, New York Snowstorm

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

The cold weather is moving out. However, the water is still very cold and the National Weather Service is warning people about the dangers that come with being in water that cold.

It was really neat to see how detailed and coordinated the de-icing process goes. Although it was a delay, it was worth the peace of mind and we had a front row seat!

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