Here are 8 of the biggest cities in New York State and how much the average gallon of gas costs in the that city.

According to New York State's website, the New York City surrounding area has an average gas price of $3.18. Here is out the rest of New York State according to AAA of Western and Central New York (AAA WCNY):

  • Batavia - $3.23 (no change from last Monday)
  • Buffalo - $3.29 (down one cent from last Monday)
  • Elmira - $3.11 (up four cents from last Monday)
  • Ithaca - $3.23 (up one cent from last Monday)
  • Rochester - $3.26 (down one cent from last Monday)
  • Rome - $3.33 (down one cent from last Monday)
  • Syracuse - $3.24 (down two cents from last Monday)
  • Watertown - $3.29 (no change from last Monday)

How much have you seen at the gas station by your house? Are you going out of your way to go buy cheap gas? Why is the gas prices going down?

AAA says the easing pump prices nationally may be due to the recent news that a large refinery in Indiana is reopening soon after being offline since early February. Meanwhile, milder weather and longer days are in the forecast, which means the seasonal rise in gas prices is primed to begin. Experts project it will be a slow, wobbly start to rising prices this spring", according to Chautauqua Today.

There is actually a spot on the New York State website that is actually pretty cool. The State will actually put average weekly gas prices in a list and keep track of what they are on Mondays usually. Take a look at the price list here.

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