So there was the Miami man who chewed off the face of a homeless man a couple of days ago. If you did not hear about it you can read about it right here on

Well now we have a man in New Jersey that cut out his intestines and threw them at cops when they arrived to his home. He repeatedly waved a 12 inch knife at cops along with a hammer and the police officers tried to get him to stand down but he refused to do so and continued to stab himself in the leg while his skin and intestines hung from his body. The cops used two cans of pepper spray to subdue him and he was then taken to the hospital.

Now “Bath Salts” are a new designer drug that is sold in convenience stores, smoke shops and truck stops around the country. So why are drugs that give the purchaser a feeling of agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, and feelings of suicide being sold in stores? Because they are marked as not for human consumption, but that is just what some people are using them for, human ingestion.

Is it possible that the alarming rise of violent behavior in our community and around the country be contributed to this new designer drug?

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